Calvary U. M. Preschool

Serving God's Precious Children since 1980

Calvary Preschool will provide a safe, quality education that is appropriate developmentally and within a spiritual atmosphere of loving kindness.

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All Classes Provide:

  • Creative & Structured Art/Projects
  • Free play & learning centers
  • Interactive room clean-up
  • Music: Listening, singing, creative movement, instrumental
  • Math, science, reading & writing readiness skills: Counting, nature/discovery, alphabet
  • Large & small muscle activities
  • A balance of quiet & interactive time activities
  • Responsibility for sharing, social skills with self & others
  • Daily snacks provided by parents/school provides water and paper products
  • Prayers at snack time
  • Classroom visitation and story time with Pastor Mike
  • Good habits of health and hygiene
  • Field trips: Parent/guardian/relative/sitter must attend
  • Open house, Christmas program, & graduation program
  • Holiday celebrations
  • Birthday/special celebration
  • Monthly calendar/newsletter
  • Preschool Sunday Recognition
  • Payment books for ease of tuition
  • Scholastic Book Club
  • Parent/Child Year End Event

Program Objectives for Optimal Child Development

  1. To be provided with a safe, caring environment.
  2. To develop sensory perception as measured by growth in: visual discrimination, listening skills, smell discrimination, taste discrimination, and tactile perception.
  3. To develop a positive self image.
  4. To develop and express imagination, creativity, and curiosity.
  5. To develop a sense of initiative and competence.
  6. To grow in ability to express inner, creative impulses as measured by freedom of expression in positive ways.
  7. To select appropriate behavior for different circumstances.
  8. To develop a sense of identity with others.
  9. To effectively participate in group activities and interactions with a display of fair play and good sportsmanship.
  10. To develop a sense of responsibility and respect for the rights of others.
  11. To become aware of environmental surroundings as a prerequisite to all further relationships.
  12. To acquire a positive attitude toward the learning process as evidenced by: an enjoyment of literature and increased curiousity about the world and an appreciation for music.
  13. To build a varied and firm foundation of concepts to insure intellectual growth in: color and color relationships, shape and shape relationships, grouping skills, and number and quantity concepts.
  14. To gain independence in the personal skill of dressing one's own self (manipulation of zippers, snaps, and buttons).
  15. To master basic skills and concepts which promote physical, intellectual, and emotional development that is age appropriate.

The Years before Six...Are important ones!

    They are the years...
  • when a child learns up to one third of what will be learned in a lifetime.
  • of rapid physical growth when nutrition and exercise patterns are formed.
  • when LOVE is important ...the love of parents, the love of friends and the love of God.

PLEASE CALL 717.854.1697 for more information or Print and return the application form along with $30 (*) Registration fee to:

Calvary U. M. Preschool
11 North Richland Avenue
York, PA 17404

We accept ages 2 through 5 (please see above)
Learn through Fun activities at Calvary U. M. Preschool
We are located on the corner of Richland Avenue and West Market Street.
We have two parking lots. Enter off of Richland Avenue or Market Street

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